Registration Wizard

Registration Wizard helps you to configure some settings and define User profile options. You can change those setting in user profile form later.
Step 1. Langusges
Select the languages that you know and want to use in the system. You can select multiple languages simultaneously. Use drag and drop to configure languages order. The first language in the list will be set as an interface language if it was translated. 
To add a new language, select language from the main list, click [+] and it will move to the list of selected languages.
To remove a language, select an element, click [X] and it will be deleted.
Step 2. Communities
Join one or more professional communities. To see community description set mouse over the community image. 
Join the community by clicking Join button below the community image. 
Step 3. Personal Information
Enter additional information about yourself at all languages selected at step 1, upload an avatar.
Specify your professional interest, select facets in communities selected at step 2.