Product Import from CSV-file

Preparing for import
Product category should be finished before the import. 
To create / upload product:
  • create all required attributes in the category;
  • make sure that "product level" is set up;
  • check that a name template for product category is defined.
Product import option available only to employees who have access to additional features of the selected tariff plan. Please, specify employees who can use this function in the company profile.

Product Downloads
Product Import only available for Community partners: please check your company subscribtion.
To upload products using a CSV file go to the list of product in the selected category. At the top of the screen use the drop-down list "Actions for import." Select "Load products from CSV". Choose a file, and click Open. Import procedure will be performed. A report with the number of successfully uploaded products will be generated.
Attention! Import file headers must match the structure of the category at the time of loading. Ensure the relevance of the attributes.
If the structure does not match the structure of the category or data did not meet the requirements will error message will be displayed.
If successful, you can view all uploaded data and check before finalizing the import. Click Import to complete the import, or Cancel to cancel and return.

Preparing import file
Download import file. Choose the product category and go to the list of product for the category. Press the [Generate CSV], or select [Generate CSV] in [Import Actions].
You can choose the CSV delimiter in your profile settings. To use the import each product must be assigned a unique identifier (ID). Existing products will be updated and new products will be created.
CSV file (comma separated file) can be edited in MS Excel. 

Import file format

The first column ID - product code assigned by the company;
Custom Name - arbitrary name of the product, optionally, can be left out;
Description - the description of the product;
Columns with attribute values. The columns filled according to the type of the attribute that is listed after his name.
Text attribute (Text) is filled with the value based on the language and the allowable number of characters.
Logical type (Bool) is used for the positive values of 1, 0 for the negative.
List attribute (List), if only one value is allowed, it indicates the English value of this attribute.

If more than one value at a time is allowed, then each value is in braces, for example {Variant1} {Variant2} {Variant3}.
Numeric attribute (Numeric):
  • a number indicating the value, integer and fractional digits separated by a “.”, for example, 10.5;
  • error: 15.5 10% (for any type of error)
  • range is defined by a separator / for example, 15.5 / 16.2
  • uncertainty range: 15.5 / 16.2 10%
  • a set of values: 15: 16.2: 17: 17,333
  • all together: 15.5 / 16.2 10% 17.5 / 18.1 10%: 19.2 / 20.2 10%