Product is an equipment, a spare part or any other item of supply that can be described by the full set of its characteristics.

To create a new product you should choose a product category. Click "Products" icon at the category form to see List of product form. Click "New Product" button to create a new product using web interface.

It is required to define values for all mandatory attributes to create a Product. Manufacture should be specified for Brand Products.

Products could be created using Actualog User Interface, imported from CSV/XML files or created using API. To create a new product using our web interface select a product Category and click Create Product button.

Category should be "product level" type - if "product level" checkbox is not set on, Create new product button will not be available. Product name template should be defined. Please check that at least one mandatory field is included into the product name template.

Define product attribute values, add manufacturer, write a description and add custom product name if required. Click Save to save new product. Check attribute allowed values for numeric attributes and number of characters required for text attributes using tooltips. You can upload product specifications, user manuals and other documents. Upload product images and add desriptions if required, choose an image to display as product avatar.

Actualog allow to embed product page into external website. Click at embed icon to generate the code. You can specify who is allowed to edit product information and who is allowed to embed product page.

Actualog insures that a product is unique. We use product name template to check that the product is unique. It is impossible to create two products with the same auto generated name. If there is a duplication you should check product name template and add more attributes into the template or check product attribute values.